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Post  Admin Chaos on Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:28 am


I suggest you read these, and make a conscious effort to follow them, because now that they are posted, if you choose to use the forums, you choose to follow the rules, and you will be punished for disobedience. Depending on your offense, you could be put on Mod Preview, or you could be disabled from posting, suspended, or even have your account banned from the forums.

1. No foul language. You can say all the bad words you want, on your own time. Here, you leave them behind. I don't want to see words like "faggot" or any of its variations. I don't want to see any of that crap on my forums. The occasional "fuck" or "shit" is ok, but don't make a habbit of it. Overuse of even those will result in punishment. If I have to warn you more than once, action will be taken that is in direct proportion to the terms you have used.

2. No arguing. Keep your damn arguements in game. If I have to tell you to stop arguing once, you'll be on Mod Preview for a week. Twice, a month. Three times, you'll be suspended for two weeks. If I have to tell you again after that, you'll be deleted from the forums, and lose your right to post.

3. Do not post screenshots that stretch the page. If you post a screenshot, or signature that stretches my page, I will delete it. If you repost it, I will delete it again, but leave a warning to resize in it's place. If you do not comply, I will put you in a separate group that is not allowed to use image tags.

4. Speaking of Images. You may not post pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate images on these forums. People have done so in the past, hence, this rule. Doing this will result in an IP ban, and Immediate suspension of your account until the year 2022.

5. You may not post links to things that are inappropriate for children under the age of 13. This includes violent, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate material. Children do play these servers, and I want them to be able to access our forums as well.

6. Stay on topic. There is no reason to be off-topic in any thread. The OP (Opening Poster) made the thread for a specific purpose. Use it for that purpose, and that purpose only.

7. Post in the right forum! I get very tired of moving threads, and I am going to start simply deleting them pretty soon. I clearly labelled the forums, and stated what they were for, so please don't insult me by pretending you were unable to see where the thread was supposed to go, or I will insult you by pretending I don't know how to move a thread, and I will delete it instead.

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