Guide to success PART 1

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Guide to success PART 1

Post  Big Mac ~ Dan on Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:58 pm

Want to get good items and level fast on OTChaos but don't have donators or PHA?
Take my easy guide.

  • Get level 400 or above and have someone clear the mine for you. From lizards make sure you get atleast 20 + picks as you don't want to leave early.
  • Mine all you can with Bic Trainer in a area where if monsters spawn you can kill them. An area away from the pathing is recommended to ensure no monster will attack.
  • Pray to god you get an Demonic Acolyte Razz you already have gained 400 levels + a chance for extra money.
  • From mining you then transfer the ore into items and get more money and repeat the process. Your money will increase + you will get wls and all the good stuff Very Happy.
  • In a couple of hours I have 4 wls, 1 wrap, 4 coifs and a bp of blessed items along with over 1400 levels. (Currently level 2,051).
  • Once you get over 1 flawless skull make sure you always have 50 chipped skulls so you can buy picks and spend that flawless on hp Very Happy. Demonic Acolyte's are good exp and they wont attack if you don't move!

    Follow this guide until level 2000 and have good items. I managed to dig up 4 Demonic Acolyte's in one session and boosted like a baws!!! Meanwhile you can train your magic level

Big Mac ~ Dan

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Re: Guide to success PART 1

Post  Ender on Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:34 pm

Nice guide Big Mac, this surely will help new people who don't know how to start.
Also there's another guide, from Unstoppable, that might help.

Hope you keep doing it, Big~ Very Happy


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