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Applying For Tutor

Post  yamiemil on Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:35 am

1. Yes, maby to much haha. iv been over 20k on real chaos server like maby 2 or 3 eras. Diffrent names every time.

2. Yes, but not on this server =(.

3. I think i speak english well but my spelling might be a little weird sometimes. and i know Swedish to as im from Sweden.

4. Ghost Smoker

5. If you count all the diffrent servers that have been online its well over 10 but if only "Real Chaos" then maby 5 or more

6. My name is Emil Pettersson, i live in sweden and i like to play chaos because its the only server that gets me going =). Im 21 Years old and im always nice and like to help players and friends irl ofc. and cant really think of ennything else right now.

7. Yes and Yes. If i can help i will =).

8. I can be active 8-12 Hours a day "No Lifer"


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