IP Banned problem

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IP Banned problem

Post  Dante on Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:15 pm

Dear OT CHAOS Admin.

Today i started playing OT CHAOS (i was played here about 5, 6? years ago).
I though OTSCHAOS no longer exits, but its worked Very Happy

So, today i'll make account, as i remember i train mlvl to get sonar, then i go to newbie hunting zone. I kill some mobs also i get 80 mlvl.
After ending quest at newbie (sell item with id *0018?* or something like this) when i take prize from MAD it put skull into arrow slot.
I totally forgot that i have opened bictrainer in background...

Can i get a second chance? I promise accidents like this didnt happend again!

*Sorry for my bad English, but i'll hope You will understand everything.
Unban is very important for me.

INGAME Nickname: Dante

**** I get IP Banned.


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