Big Mac might be back :P

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Big Mac might be back :P

Post  Big Mac ~ Dan on Sat Dec 29, 2012 8:35 pm

So it has been a year out of OTChaos, I am a 2nd Generation old skool player who has come back here and then to see whats been happening with my favorite OT. Might even help out the "OLD" admins who have aged horribly by becoming a tutor again Razz (I kid guys XD)

First year of UNI is behind me now and I am thinking of settling back in this OT but I want to know.

-When was the last server reset?
-When is the next server reset?
-Are Chaos and Nova still going through with their new Server idea?

Anyway get back to me and I will consider playing again Smile

<3 Big Mac ~ Dan elephant

Big Mac ~ Dan

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