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Chaos OT Tutorial

Post  Admin Chaos on Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:33 am

Hello and welcome to the Chaos OT!

Before we dig in, a little disclaimer:

1. If you played Chaos OT before you might find this Guide utterly useless [or not xD]

2. I’m going to assume your father didn't give you a ''small loan of million dollars''
(said by a wise man back in 300bc) and you are playing as non-donator (which is totally doable)

3. You have to say thank you down in the comments otherwise this won't work!


Numero 1:
You spawn at the temple completely butt naked you see few people hanging around, now your first objective might be a little hard, but I believe in your ability to: walk all the way to the left < there you see a bright blue pulsing thingy (TP) which says Equipment! You enter it and open all
the chests, it’s VERY important that you open the chests from the left to the right! (it totally doesn't matter xD)
btw all vocations use the same weapon which is a wand
Numero 2:
Now you have 2 choices
1. You can be a strong independent wo(man)
2. Ask someone in the temple for some starting equipment like a blue robe and a ring of healing

Whatever you choose let's continue, You walk down \/ from the temple and enter the TP saying Heroes
There you fight fearlessly until you reach level 30 which will unlock many spells like utamo vita for mages and exura vita
for all vocations and a damaging spell called /SONAR\ which all vocations use at the beginning.

Numero 3:
Now it’s time to show some more monsters who's boss, from the temple head left and follow the road <<<<<<<
you will see an odd tree covered with vines go a little bit up until you see another TP don't enter it instead go in the little house you will see 2 more TP's /\ and \/ I would recommend going into bottom one and hunting there
until lvl 250-ish using the SONAR spell and exura vita for healing.
Pro tip try looting some cc (crystal coins)!

Numero 4:
Now you should be around lvl 250, it is time to go back to the temple and buy some mana runes if you are a mage aka Holy Templar
or Demonic Soul, you buy them from NPC Dark Rodo located just below Dufi (down from temple)
And read the spell book for new spells if you are at high enough lvl

Numero 5:
Once you are ready to the temple and go to the top left corner, there you will see yet another TP it will say Lizards
enter it now ... you might want to be careful they will be tough. If you can't beat them ask someone to block few for you
or go back to step 3 (Numero 3) but instead of going to the bottom TP (Angels) you will go to upper TP there you should be able to get about 50ish more levels and you will find a single lizard to kil
Once Strong enough hunt lizards until lvl 1000/1100
Pro tip loot and equip some chaos gear as it will boost your damage.
Another tip keep looting chaos gear and cc as you can sell the gear to the NPC Mad located in upper right corner in the temple

Numero 6
After reaching lvl 1000+ go in the temple go down the ladder enter the TP saying Cities
and go to the door on far right > Saying Mania once there carefully hunt until lvl 3000.
You should hunt there until you're lvl 4000, just keep in mind you can't enter the TP if your lvl is above 3000 so have plenty of manarunes (if your vocation needs them ofc)

And that is it for now if you want to see part two let me know <3
Good luck and have fun!

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