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Post  Admin Chaos on Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:40 pm


1. You either have permission or are the owner of the card.
2. You understand that this is not a certified donation charity.
3. You have to take care of your items. They may be restored in extreme cases.
4. All donations are final, there are no refunds or trades.

Items And Donations:

~The Phoenix Set (Whole Set - 30$)(Piece For 7$)
Phoenix Amulet -  Unlimited AOL + 5% damage reduction
Phoenix Helmet - 70% magic damage added
Phoenix Armor - 200% magic damage added
Phoenix Legs - 25% damage reduction
Phoenix Boots - 3k/3k regain
Phoenix Ring - 4k/4k regain

~The Oblivion Set (Whole Set - 50$)(Piece For 10$)
Oblivion Amulet - Unlimited AOL + 10% damage reduction
Oblivion Helmet - 100% magic damage added
Oblivion Armor - 300% magic damage added
Oblivion Legs - 35% damage reduction
Oblivion Boots - 5k/5k regain
Oblivion Ring - 5k/5k regain

~The Stardust Set (Whole Set - 200$)(Piece For 40$)
Stardust Amulet - Unlimited AOL + 15% damage reduction
Stardust Helmet - 200% magic damage added
Stardust Armor - 500% magic damage added
Stardust Legs - 55 % damage reduction
Stardust Boots - 10k/10k regain
Stardust Ring - 10k/10k regain

Stone Skin Amulet (1000x): 10$
Stone Skin Amulet (10000x): 30$
Stone Skin Amulet (20000x): 50$
Stone Skin Amulet (65000x): 100$

~Promotion (makes you gain double exp)
(If you are under level 10k this donation is not allowed)
(If you are level 10k = 70$)
(If you are level 15k = 50$)
(If you reach level 20k then there is a quest ingame)

~Personal Hunting Area - 40$
~You can add a room to your PHA with 30 monsters of your own choice for 30$ (some monsters are not included and some have different prices)

~VIP Access
40$ without access to quests
50$ with access to quests (phoenix set quests)

Infinite manarune (heals 1 million) - 50$
Infinite uh (heals 1 million) - 50$
One Hit Rune (Kills any player with one hit but does not work on monsters) - 100$ for 250 charges
~Key Set: 10$                      
~100 gold nuggets: 100$
~Elder Wand (This wand can attack up to 5 million but uses 1 million mana): 70$
~Starfire Skull Amulet (This amulet prevents any loss at anytimes even if you have a RED or BLACK skull your items are save): 30$

Name Change: 5$
Vocation Change: 5$
Custom Outfit: 5$

To Donate Goto Homepage: , Then Click On Donations And Follow The Instructions.
PS: Notify Me -Admin Chaos- or -Admin Oscar-


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